How does Conser Ltda. Plan to Handle theese containers?

It is very simple, Conser Ltda. has four Container Yards in four major citiesof Bolivia with security sistems, full insurance coverage, completely fenced, Reachstackers, and forklifts, web based systems and all the requirements of a deport anywhere in the world, with an average loading or unloading of 5 minutes insuring proper handling, we are the only company in Bolivia operating under IICL rules with IICL course certified inspectors, against 30 to 40 minutes that it actually takes with cranes that are not designed for this purpose and that many times can damage the container.

What are the advantages for the Exporter?

The exporters benefit because as soon as they need a container, they don’t have to wait and pay for its transportation from port, they simply pick it up from our depot paying for the Gate-Out fee only, again for much less.

What is the benefit for Shipping companies and their representatives?

They are guaranteed that their containers are being handled correctly and that they have total control over them, since they will be able to know exactly the time and date of arrival an the time and date of departure, also that they will be servicesed according to their instructions, and clasificó according to their condition

Who else benefits?

The transport companies, since actually they have to leave a deposit as a guarantee for the return of the container in the same conditions that they received it. By delivering the container in our depots we notify inmediatelly to the shipping company that the container has arrived and that it was delivered in the same conditions specified in the EIR, so they can get their deposit back a lot faster, aside from not having to return an empty container to port for a very low fare.